Jagsoft Solutions provides them with Outsourced services spanning over the complete life cycle of applications. Our strengths lie in setting up dedicated offshore teams for outsourced product development with a local project management team. Using our established Project Management and grown-up development methodology, we assist emerging software clients bring better-quality products to market.

We have experienced consultants working on all Technologies (i.e. Microsoft .NET, J2EE, VC++). Focus within Technology Areas encourages them to build competency in each distinct development architecture. This also helps our teams in addressing the delivery nuances related to a particular type of technology.

The combination of focus on Technology Area, competitive pricing (cost plus model), exceptional service and most importantly offshore Project experience makes Jagsoft Solutions a powerful choice for our clients. Jagsoft Solutions has an excellent track record in each Technology Area and has successfully delivered various software projects, on schedule and within budget, to various clients in India.

Clients: Our business is driven by the needs of our clients. Hence we are constantly compelled to understand the needs of our clients in a better manner to offer innovative services and products to them.